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Top 3 brands school shoes- comfort and support for the growing feet

Top 3 school shoes

It is time for your kids to gear up and start their new journey to school. For parents thinking about buying cheap school shoes, you may need to think again. Kids are active, from classroom to playground, having supportive and quality school shoes are important to give the comfort as well as assist them in proper development of their foot. They need good shoes more than adults.

Choosing cheaper school shoes over the quality school also is not a good idea as the shoes need to be replaced sooner due to the quality. Here is the top 3 brands of schools shoes that recommended by podiatrist.



Clarks School Shoes

Clarks shoes are available in 1/2 sizes and multiple width to ensure an accurate, perfect fit every time. With leather uppers that are breathable and removal insoles, Clarks school shoes have support and cushioning in all the right place.

Size 27-30; Price $17.99-$19.99 Check it out here



Ascent School Shoes

Ascent makes school shoes designed like sport shoes. Ascent school shoes are available in 1/2 sizes and multiple width options (2A to 4E) to ensure the perfect fit. They also offer a range of different toe shapes. Not only that, Ascent offers a 6 month rubber out sole guarantee. Sounds good! They are the only school shoes endorsed by The Australasian Podiatry Council (APodC) and also the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

Check out their official website here

Memo shoes

Memo Cinderella 3LA Girls' School Uniform Extra Depth Orthopedic Dress Mary Jane

Memo shoes monitors, prevents, and corrects foot deformities in preschool and school age. It is very important to prevent and correct ankle pronation, knocked knees, tip toe walking, pigeon toes, and improve flat foot in time from a young age. Memo System Technology will show foot condition of your child just in two weeks and will give you an answer to very important questions: need your child to wear orthopedic inserts or not. The shoes equipped with Thomas heel to treat and prevent ankle pronation, extra depth and width for orthotics

Upper and lining are made of high quality genuine leather with foam-padded elements in sensitive areas for better comfort. Shoes are equipped with a thermoplastic asymmetric stiff heel counter for proper foot protection and stabilization.

They are designed and made in EU by postural experts from Children’s Memorial Health Institute.

Size 30-37. Price $125. Check it out here.

The better investment

There are many brands available, maybe cheaper, fancy, or easy to get. Choosing a better pair of school shoes would be a better investment as you may save time and money to replace the quicker worn-out shoes, and, you save the effort of worrying their foot development. Why not?


Check them out by clicking here at the above or order online from Amazon now!




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