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The Best Shoes For Your Children-Nike, Adidas, New Balance or Sketchers?

Nike, Adidas, New Balance or Sketchers?

After observing the type of foot shapes, the way they walk that mentioned in the previous post, you might think what is the best brand of shoes for your kids. But, are the branded shoes better than the unbranded shoes? What is your underlying reasons in buying shoes? Is it the trend, design, price, advertisement, word of mouth or you buy what you like?

Are those factors important? Of course they are. Another factor that is vital, the technology behind a pair of shoes. Nevertheless, the comfort is the key reason for you to bring the shoes home.


Big companies spend a lot of money and effort in upgrading the technologies of the shoes and come up with real fancy names for the consumers to buy their products. Most of the time, we as consumers, buy them. Considering the materials, weight, stability, support, cushioning and the design, it will take you ages to get the best shoes.

Well, the technologies of the shoes can be found in the respective shoe companies, so it would not be explained here. One thing to point out is that, it is certainly better to buy a pair of tech shoes compared to buy the one at a random stall. Shops like The Athlete’s foot in Australia are the retailer of athletic shoes, where the staffs are trained extensively in shoe technology, basic bio mechanics and fitting techniques.

So, you do not need to understand all the technology behind of the shoes, just go to a shoe shop that does know what they are selling.


If you have any social media accounts, you are exposed to many advertisements. They are actively pop into your brain, and you are passively accepting them. They are everywhere, sometime you are doing free advertising for them unconsciously.

For example, you post a photo of buying the latest pair of branded shoes on the social media and you get many ‘like’ from your friends, asking you the price and where did you get it. See, advertisement works! Just be conscious when doing the shopping as some shoes can be overly advertised, but those are not what you should get.

Frankly speaking, wearing one pair of wrong shoes would not have instant impact on you or your kids. If you or your kids really love the shoes, buy it. Just make sure don’t wear it 24/7 and get another real good pair of shoes for their own benefits.

Word of mouth

The power of word of mouth is real, it is someone’s testimony towards something. Many times I heard people saying they love Sketches because of the cushioning and the lightweight. Only then I went to a Sketches store to try out, the shoes are comfortable and so soft!

Have you heard of Birkenstock? My friend recommended to me saying that it is supportive, and I bought a pair. I also found out that Attipas baby shoes are podiatrist endorsed, I have tried it and now I am one of the mum selling Attipas shoes!

The power of word of mouth is real. You can ask for recommendation from your friends or family when choosing shoes too.

Share with them the conditions such as flat feet or the feet are turning in while walking, I am sure they will give the real reviews, rather than spending time shopping around, unless shopping is what you like to do.


It is common sense that branded one is more expensive than unbranded. The reasons are obvious, money are invested in doing research, marketing and to pay the endorsers. However, the most expensive pair of shoes does not mean that it is the best shoes for you.

Discounted shoes can be the right shoes too. To me, money is hard-earned, therefore, wise decision should be made when doing shopping. You will realize there are traps everywhere from the marketing strategies.

Often, buy online is cheaper than go to a store. Just try out the shoes in a store and go online shopping. You will be getting the same shoes and save more.


As we all are unique and different,  sometimes buying the right running shoes is a trial and error.  The factors above are those that you should take into consideration when buying a good pair of shoes for you and your family.

And one more thing, you can always ask your podiatrist for good recommendation that suit your feet too.

Read more on recommended shoes from podiatrist in other posts! Don’t miss out. From baby, kids to women and men!


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