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Orthotics Friendly Men Dress Shoes-Dr Comfort Shoes

orthotics friendly men dress shoes

Looking for dress shoes that is able to fit in your orthotics? It can be tricky when you did not do research beforehand. While the appearance of the shoes is the main reason for you to take it home, you will also need to make sure that the shoes can give you the comfort and space for you to put in your orthotics. The rules for a pair of orthotic friendly shoe is it has extra space, such as extra depth and width; and the original shoe insoles are removable. Dr Comfort shoes are one of those shoes that match the rules. Let’s have a look for the designs.


Dr. Comfort Classic Men's Dress Shoes
Clean simple lines, high-polished, hand burnished leather with a classic attention to detail. This traditional shoe is perfect for any formal or informal occasion. Available in Black and Chestnut color.

Review from Amazon customers:

‘Amazing shoe for Diabetics. I am Type 2 with foot issues. When I have these on- I have no issues. They’re amazing.
Just to not have foot issues I would pay double.’

‘This are the best shoes for my husband, he loves this brand, in any different design, the comfort is spectacular, specially if you suffer of fasciitis plantar, I recommend this product, also the company offers a great customer service fast and good.’



You cannot go wrong with our classic wing-tips. Lightweight outsole, fine leather interiors and hand-burnished finishes. Available in Black and Chestnut color.

Review from Amazon customers:

‘Very comfortable, have helped my plantar facitis to the point of not having one attack since I got them. Hard to find a dress shoe suitable for business with the orthotic properties I needed. I wear a 9.5 to 10 in a regular shoe, the 10 in this shoe leaves over an inch past my big toe… could have easily worn a 9. Still a very comfortable shoe and I’m keeping them!’

‘I prefer wing tip or cap-toed shoes for dress, and I have difficulty finding the E/EE width. I also prefer the leather soles; however, with antiquity, I am looking for the softer sole that these shoes provide. They are perfect for what I want and need.’


Look good while feeling great in the Ruk shoes for men. The Ruk is available in two different colors, Rust and Brown. The Rust color is a suede material while the Brown is made of full-grain oiled leather. The classic style of the Ruk shoes pairs well with jeans or trousers.

Review from Amazon customers:

‘Mostly as expected. Slightly large however I require a larger shoe box so my big toe nuckle does not rub against the inside with my custom orthotic.’

What comes with the shoes?

Dr Comfort Gel Inserts

When you order one of the Dr. Comfort shoes, it includes both a main arch support Gel insert (in bag) and a flat Blue foam spacer insert. It is suggested trying the Gel inserts first. If the shoes feel too big or too wide, add the blue foam insert UNDER the Gel Insert.

The sole of the Dr. Comfort shoes are built to the wider width using both the Gel insert and the blue foam spacer insert will provide you with a snugger tighter fit.

Sizing guide

Every shoes companies has their own measurement. Dr Comfort shoes tends to size slightly longer in cm. One thing to note, when you need the width to be extra wide, you should order the shoes half a size smaller. The shoes are roomier than the other shoes. You can always check with the customer services or read the customers reviews regarding the sizing.

Pricey but worth it

Live painless is priceless. It is worth the price when you try these shoes out, that give the best comfort for your feet. You can easily fit your custom-made orthotics into the shoes by taking out the original inserts. It is time for you to get the right shoes, with comfort and fashion.

Happy shopping at Amazon today!

Check out orthotics friendly shoes for women too.





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12 thoughts on “Orthotics Friendly Men Dress Shoes-Dr Comfort Shoes

  1. Excellent article

    I love the dress shoes they look nice but if I’m standing all day at a wedding walking around meeting and greeting everyone. How will my feet feel that night when its time to relax?


    1. This is tricky question that has no certain answer. How your feet will feel would be depending on your muscles, do you have an orthotics in, your bio mechanic so on. I am sure your feet will be exhausted after all day standing and walking with any shoes. Dr Comfort shoes give the arch support and cushioning that other dress shoes do not provide, so I will say it will be better dress shoes to go for. After the long day, I would say hop into a hot bath and relax your whole body!

  2. Hi, Emily,

    Live painlessly is priceless! I cannot agree more with your words! Especially when it comes to shoes! I’ve suffered a lot in the past, choosing the wrong shoes for me. I’ve made a mistake to be attracted by the outlook, and not to pay attention how a shoe will fit my leg and how comfortable will I feel!
    Dr. Comfort classic men’s dress shoes seem to be a good solution! I’ve read the recommendations and will give them a try!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Tony, great that this has help you a little. There are great shoes out there waiting to be explored and tried out. Happy shopping

  3. Emily,

    My husband suffers from diabetes and has problems with his feet going numb especially in his work boots at work.  I see that you have done a massive amount of research on foot ware for men and was wondering what you would recommend he should get to help with this problem?  He is on his feet all day at work so comfort has always been an issue for him and considering it is a concrete floor I am sure this does not help the situation.

    Thank you for researching these different options but any thing you recommend will be helpful.


    1. Hi Susan, Has he been looking after by a podiatrist? It is very important to see a podiatrist to check his foot regularly. Are the feet go numb only with his work boots? I would suggest to get advice from a podiatrist. Sorry I can’t help much. 

  4. These are terrific options for orthotics and dress shoes, to boot! My husband can use these. He is a musician and often walked for up to 18 hours at a time. He has to wear dress shoes for these walks, on cobblestone streets (we live in Guatemala), so it makes sense to get this type of shoe for him. Thanks for the list!

    1. You are welcome! Happy to help šŸ™‚

  5. My husband loves those shoes. He actually own a pair. Yes, they can be quite pricey. But they are made with high quality material that can last for years. It’s well worth the price. My husband had his pair for about a couple of years now. They are still in a good condition. I will pass this information to him. He might get another one.He is a bit obsessed with shoes. Thank You for the information.It was a great read.  

    1. Thanks Hong!

  6. These designs look really nice, and the wingtips are a classic shoe. I wear them with suits and dress slacks so they are a functional shoe.

    I have pronounced metatarsal bones so Iā€™m thinking these shoes might be the answer.

    1. Hi Kirk, yeah, give them a go and see if you find the answer!

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