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Top 3 Women Sandals for Flat Feet -Find the best for you

Top 3 sandals for flat feet (women)

Top three arches supported women sandals for flat feet that get great reviews are: Birkenstock, Dr Comfort, and Fitflops. Wearing good arches supported sandals can be helpful in relieving pain, providing comfort and support to your whole body alignment. Having said that, you might get a little discomfort if you are not used to wear arches supported footwear. And you need to wear it gradually that give your body to accommodate the new walking foundation.

These three are the best sandals I have tried, with pros and cons listed below.



Birkenstock is from Germany. They are made from the highest quality materials, with cork and leather. I just love the simple design. There are a lot more of designs and type of shoes, it is time to upgrade your sandals and makes your toes shine!


  • If you have a wider forefoot or your little toe come outward when you are walking, this is more suitable for you as the design keeps all your toes inside
  • It shapes to your feet with your wearing period.
  • Good arch support.
  • Adjustable T-Strap


  • As they are made of cork, they are less cushioning compared to those that are made of rubber and EVA.
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for sweaty feet as they are made of leather (Go for EVA Birkenstock instead).

One customer reviewed that: these are not comfortable when you first put them on but become a lot more comfortable as you continue to wear them.


Birkenstock EVA

If you are wearing them to the beach or water activities, here is the waterproof Birkenstock from $39.95. They are stylish, lightweight, cheaper, waterproof and easy to clean. However, it is not recommended to be left in direct sunlight as it can shrink at high temperature. Available in different colors and designs.




Dr Comfort

Dr Comfort SandalThe Dr. Comfort orthotic sandal is a lightweight thong-style sandal. It helps correct posture, alleviate foot pain, back pain and aching legs. Get it for $59.99.


  • Available in two widths: E and 2E
  • More cushioning foot bed and arch support
  • Medical Graded footwear
  • Suitable to wear inside the house


  • Not suitable for swollen feet as the straps might be too tight and put pressure on the upper feet

Fit Flops

Fitflop women sandals

Can’t live without a bit of heels? Need more fashionable look? FitFlops sandals offer dressy sandals with wide range of designs and materials to match your day-to-day outfit.


  • Adjustable buckle strap
  • Cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Different footbed materials


  • Not suitable for wide forefoot type as they are designed with standard width

One customer reviewed that: Love the way these fit! The shock absorbency in these are more pronounced, and you feel more of a bounce when you walk. I hesitated to buy these with the cork footing, but to my surprise they weren’t hard at all, if anything it was very soft.

Tips before ordering online

Sizing Guide and reviews- Research to avoid regret

As different shoes companies have their own measuring guide, it is suggested to read those reviews before decide your size. Although some sellers are kind enough for the free return, but this can be prevented just by do some research beforehand.

And one more thing.. Measure during evening time or when you feet swell to avoid buying a smaller size of the shoes


Which one is your fav?

Birkenstock and Dr Comfort’s sandals are suitable for wider forefoot types; Dr Comfort and Fitflops are more cushioning; Birkenstock and Fitflops are more dressy with more designs available. Best of all, they are shoes that aim to provide comfort and arch support, that you need for your flat feet.

Read here for recommendation for orthotics friendly shoes for women.

Leave a comment below if you are wearing one of the shoes above, either good or bad.

Let me know in the comment if you have a great sandal that must be included in too!





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High heel foot pain? Time to throw your high heels shoes-the reasons and the solutions

why you should throw away your high heels

Elegant, sexy-looking high heels shoe is a must when you are going for events, parties or due to work requirements. How could we not pair with a pair of nice high heels with our perfect make up, freshly pedicured toes, and elegant dress? Yes, high heels give women the nice posture and the self-confident, meeting with friends and giving good impressions at work. All the movie stars and business women have dozens of high heels!

BUT, the fact is, high heels are bad for you, and you should throw away your high heels. You would not believe there are many side effects of wearing high heels, impacting your feet, and giving you long-term damage to your health. Here is how you can prevent and improve it.

High heels change the way you walk- the root of the problems

High heels change the way you walk wronglyWe are meant to walk heel-to-toe. Wearing a high heel alter the position of the foot which lead to lots of problems.

High heels also change your walking platform, that your calves muscles got to work harder, and prolonged contracting and eventually shortening of the calves muscles.

Shortening of calves muscles could directly and indirectly lead to the following problems:

  • Pain after wearing heels
  • Foot deformities such as Bunions
  • Burning pain or numbness at the forefoot such as Mortons Neuroma, where pointy high heels squeeze the toes
  • Weakness in the ankle and causing Ankle sprain injuries
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Joint degeneration
  • Arthritis

Other side effects of wearing high heels:

  • Ingrown toe nails
  • Corn and Calluses

Before it is too late…

Do you prefer to live with pain later in life? The problems mentioned above are not able to reverse once it starts. You might not see the changes of your feet, these problems take time to form, and when you realize, it is too late. With the advanced medical research and medical teams, you can have corticosteroid shots (that might or might not help with your problem), or doing surgeries, but these damages to your feet can be prevented. Living painless is priceless. Let’s start with putting away your high heels, and find the alternate shoes.

What to do next? Buy a better shoe

Are you experiencing any pain wearing high heels? If you do, great! It just means that you are more prompt to make a change than those who hasn’t had pain wearing heels. We learn better with lesson, right? Start buying shoes that actually help you walk better, not damaging your feet. Here is some recommended orthotic friendly shoes.

Here is some great tips:

  1. Lower inch with gradual slope high heelsChoosing a rubber-soled shoe over leather, as rubber is better able to absorb pressure in the feet.
  2. Buying shoe with a gradual slope, so the force is evenly distributed over the foot.
  3. Choosing a lower inch of the shoes to avoid over pressure the feet.
  4. Shopping for shoes at the end of the day, when your foot is most swollen.
  5. Choosing an orthotic friendly shoe that putting your orthotics in to realign the way you walk.
  6. Change your high heels to comfy shoes once you reach your office, to relax your feet.

Train up your muscles with these simple exercise

Think about your overworked calves muscles, you got to relax them through stretching. Weaker muscles need to be strengthened to prevent strain injuries. And with the pointy heels, you need to have good balance to avoid ankle sprain.

Stretching: To stretch lower leg muscles, use a towel to pull your foot towards you for 30 seconds.

Strengthening: Use an exercise band to strengthen the muscles of the lower leg and ankle. Use the exercise band to resist the ankle as it pushes up, out and in

Standing toe raises: Don’t forget to work the smaller muscles of the leg, put small objects (pen) on the floor and use your toes to pick them up.

Balance:  With something to hold on or beside a wall, stand on one limb and hold it for 30 seconds. Then change side. When you are good with it, try to close your eyes. This will increase the stability and help with your balancing.


Imagine going through bunion’s surgery, imagine walking every step with pain, imagine the money you spent to ease your foot conditions. Sounds awful! But you can totally help yourself to stay away from them. Start buying shoes that are lower heels, not pointy at the front, have a gradual slope; and do stretching and strengthening exercises. You can also consider putting orthotics into orthotic friendly shoes or wear a pair of supportive and stable running shoes. You can learn more about how orthotics can help with foot condition here.

Happy shopping at Amazon today!





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Orthotic friendly shoes for women. Yes! they are fashionable and comfortable

Orthotic friendly shoes fashionable and comfortable

Being a woman is hard, being a fashionable woman yet has painful feet is even harder. I always heard women who came to podiatry clinic with painful feet, and with bad choice of shoes, saying: beauty is the pain. They choose to wear good-looking shoes rather than comfortable shoes, or what they called, granny shoes.

There are occasions or work requirement to wear formal and nice-looking shoes. Well, there are shoes that combined fashion and comfort, and they are orthotics friendly shoes, that you can start taking care of your painful feet.

Ziera Shoes-Where you get what you wanted

The words fashion/ stylish are all unique to us. Each person defines them differently. Ziera shoes offers wide range of women’s shoes that hopefully are your taste. They have styles such as dress shoes/ sandals, casual shoes/ sandals, heels, slippers boots and orthotics friendly shoes.

What is special about their shoes is that they have designed to fit in orthotics, even in high heels (look for the small foot icon at the top right corner). They have removable inserts, providing more space for it. With some shoes, you can choose the width of it (wide or  extra wide), an extra bonus for wider feet people.

“From lace-ups to loafers, brogues to ballet flats, Ziera offers the perfect blend of style and comfort for those needing extra supportive footwear or those needing to swap out the Ziera footbed for their custom-made orthotic. On-trend looks combined with luxurious cushioning to cocoon the whole foot, Ziera’s range of orthotic friendly styles suit anyone who needs additional comfort and support for their feet.”

You can get yours at Ebay.

Dr Comfort-Comfortable shoes

Flute Merry JaneDr Comfort shoes provide the three choices of the width in certain design, medium, wide and extra wide. The shoes come with removable cushioning inserts, a shoe horn, and a pair of flat inserts.

You do not need to worry about putting your orthotics in, as when the original inserts are removed, they have the depth for orthotics.

The most popular choice is Flute Women’s Merry Jane, made with leather, and also with expandable materials at the top (the upper shoes). This suits women with bunions condition, swollen feet, and wide feet.

Dr Comfort Coco Rich Patent Women’s Classic Shoes are suitable for dress or work shoes, also forefoot design provides pressure relief for all day comfort and the BOA closure system provides an adjustable secure fit.

“The Finest Quality Comfort Footwear Period! Diabetic, Therapeutic and Orthopaedic Shoes, Footwear and Compression Wear that provide the utmost comfort.”

Revere Shoes- Summer sandals and shoes

One important design for a sandal to be able to accommodate orthotics is that the shoes have to have heel counter to secure your feet and the orthotics. The shoes are also available in two width, medium and wide.

Bali Heel Counter Sandal designed as follows:

  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps
  • Leather uppers and linings
  • Removable comfort footbed with built-in arch support allows the insertion of custom orthotics if required
  • Matching strap extensions included to enhance fit
  • Slip-resistant outsole

Best shoes to put orthotics-Runners

Most running and walking shoes are able to fit in orthotics. The reason why they are the best shoes to put in your orthotics because they have stable base, that your feet and orthotics will be secure inside the shoes.

Oh…and one more thing

One important trick when buying any shoes is to take the orthotics with you, try the shoes with the orthotics as you might need a size up for your shoes.

If you are buying shoes online, consider if you are going to have orthotics inside the shoes and measure your feet at evening time. These little yet important factors will help you to get the right size of the shoes, please be mindful that wearing smaller size of the shoes might cause problems to your feet.

Happy Shopping!