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Best orthopedics running shoes for kids-Memo footwear

Best orthopedics running shoes for kids

I have come across many kids’ shoes, most of them are flat and without proper support at the heel. Having a pair of good shoes is essential for your kids as their feet are developing. It is important that the footwear ensures proper stabilization of the heel at the first steps and prevents from potential defects. Here I introduce you the best orthopedics shoes, ranging from baby to 6 years old, the Memo shoes.

The Memo System

Memo idea

One of the most special parts about Memo shoes is that, the bottom of the sole is numbered and divided into 6 different zones with cambered stripes. After wearing Memo shoes it is possible to access the degree of stripes abrasion. Depending on which zone is worn, insoles can be selected to correct the problem.

For example, abrasion in zone 1 means healthy feet; abrasion in zone 2 indicates to use grey insoles; and it is advised to seek medical advice if abrasion occurs in zone 5 and 6.

Memo materials

Memo is claimed to be the highest quality children footwear in classic style, made of natural materials suitable for children’s feet. It maximizes foot comfort, as the shoe is made of natural soft goatskin. In addition, natural hygrosopic materials make the shoe breath and foot not to sweat.

Medical opinion

Memo system is well-known among pediatrists and orthopaedists. It is particularly recommended for the defects prevention and correction of existing abnormalities and/or deformities. Dr Anna, the head of Day Hospital for Motor Organ Rehabilitation commented that: “I strongly recommend them even for youngest children, so that possible physical defects could be effectively prevented from the very beginning.” She added that ” the foot remains in correct position and develops correctly with the suitable shoe stiffening within the heel region.” Professor Jan who specializes in medical rehabilitation says: when patients use Memo system, the condition of foot and knees improves very quickly.

Memo range

Depending on the age of your kids, and the condition of the feet, Memo offers a wide range of shoes, with vigorous colors and eye-catching design. Memo footwear are recommended as prophylactic orthopaedic shoes, and are also designed for Cerebral Palsy patients.

Memo baby: Models from Memo baby collection are originally designed for the youngest children just starting to walk. Baby shoes do not have the diagnostic sole, since their primary function is prevention.

Urban Classic: The only sneakers with Thomas Heel, stiff heel counter and leather upper on the market. They are not only perfect shoes for everyday use in schools or kindergartens, but also make fashionable completion of both casual dress and elegant outfit. Check it out here.


Memo classic: They have a diagnostic sole to monitor the status of their feet, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Mammal Collection: A cute animal touch to integrate and follow the sandals lines. Have a look at the Koala Girls Sandal here.



Memo active: Memo active Collection was created for small and large patients with specific feet defects, mainly Celebral Palsy patients. It is a particular form of the footwear, special corset heel counter and fastening belt ensures proper functioning and defect correction.

Memo insoles

Memo system consists of a set of inserts, which used within the shoes make them a corrective footwear. They are designed for proper feet shaping, based on the zone of abrasion of the out sole and heel.

Supportive shoes with custom-made Orthotics: popular but unnecessary?

While orthotics (shoe inserts prescribed by orthopedists or podiatrists) are the latest rage, Dr. Frey,Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at UCLA and Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery, California, feels that in most cases they are unnecessary.

This is due to the fact that the design of good quality of shoes today, as explained above, and assuming you buy the proper shoe for your child and get a correct fit, you probably can save yourself a hundred bucks from buying a custom-made orthotics.

However, in some cases like over-pronation, flat feet, high arches, shin splints, arch pain or strain, children will be benefit from having orthotics. I will be explaining how orthotics can help to support them and why they may or may not need to have orthotics in this article.

The ultimate goal

Unlike clothing, it would not affect the growth of the body shapes of children. Incorrect and unsupportive footwear can cause serious foot deformities. Therefore, as parents, we need to be smart and be educated to choose what is the best for our kids.

To conclude, for light correction and prophylaxis purposes, Memo is great, quick to order and a good quality footwear. Polo sneakers are great for school, shoes and sandals a beautifully designed and provide all therapeutic benefits in comparison to other flimsy footwear that currently available.

Please let me know if you have any comments or need any help, I will be happy to help. Thanks



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