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Attipas Review: Really Worth the Price?

Attipas Reviews

Have you heard of Attipas shoes? What is so special about it? The price of a pair of Attipas shoes equals to two to three pairs of cheaper shoes. Is it really worth the price?

The best and the worst products spread through word of mouth. While you are researching what baby/toddlers shoes to buy for your little ones, let us present you the science behind the Attipas shoes, the testimonials, the good and the bad reviews of Attipas shoes.

The Science of Attipas shoes


Attipas Introduction from Emily Hii on Vimeo. (By Attipas)

The meaning of Attipas is “My precious Friend’s Step” as a compound word. “Atti” means My precious Friend in Korean and “Pas” means Step in French. Attipas was launched in 2011 after 7 years of cooperative research & development conducted in conjunction with the Cognitive Behavioral Development Center at the Seoul University.  Attipas was developed based on biomechanical knowledge of brain development .

By allowing toddlers to feel the sole of shoes and move toes freely, Attipas helps to correct toddler’s walking by evenly distributing foot pressure.

One more thing, Attipas shoes are endorsed by Podiatrists.

They are Lightweight. Flexible. Convenient. Breathable. Safe.

Attipas Cutie

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Now check out the Attipas Testimonials:

The testimonials

Mum from Malaysia: My  eldest  daughter  who is  now  3  years  7  month  old, was  diagnosed  with  Rickets, Vitamin  D deficiency type, which  caused  her  legs  to bend outwards, and  therefore  forcing  her feet to clubbed-in, and makes her  struggling  to  walk  properly.

….what I want  you  to  know  that,  through  all  these  years, only  one  type  of  shoes  that  fits  her best  and accompanying  her  days  without  a  single  complain  unlike  other  shoes  that make  her  feet  hurt  or  too  hard  to  her  toes, arch  &  soles.  Her  feet grow, walks and  run with  Attipas.  I  sometimes  cheered  to  her  “Run  Forest,Run!”.

Attached here with is a collage of some her memory with Attipas, all I want to say is Thank you Attipas for being there with my daughter through her ups and downs.

Attipas testimonial

The bad reviews

Attipas bad review

While I tried to find some bad reviews, I found 4 people rated TERRIBLE for Attipas in Product, but they were rating for customer service instead of the products.

Anyway, I found two stars reviews from Amazon:

Narek: While it sure looks like a quality product my 1.3 year old baby easily took them off every 5 minutes. So after 3 days of trying we just gave up.

Jay: Somehow it’s difficult for my daughter to walk in these big toe shoes. Not as good as expected.

And a couple from Facebook: (To clarify: Piling is normal, with thicker socks or frictions can cause more piling)

The good review

There are tons of good reviews that can be easily found online, but I will just take two:

Attipas reviews

Donna who reviewed Attipas at her blog:

I love that Attipas Shoes are so easy to put on and fit into family life so seamlessly – Although Little Man tends to wear his big shoes out and about he often wears the Attipas shoes in the pushchair and always at home. The shoes are so soft and bendy that there is no chance of them damaging growing children’s feet and they give his feet the support and protection he needs whilst running around without being to heavy or cumbersome.

Read her full review here

We have many styles: Cute, Formal, Animal, Casual, you name it!

Here are some tips and tricks:

Buying tips: Choose a dark sole with simple design

Washing tips: Hand wash with cold water so less piling; or machine wash in a laundry bag

Piling tips: Trim them using razor and run through quickly with lighter (careful with fire!)

Watch out tips: There are other brands that very similar to Attipas, make sure you are buying the genuine pair! Ours are made in Korea.

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2 thoughts on “Attipas Review: Really Worth the Price?

  1. These shoes sound like a great concept! I would definitely want to understand the science behind them. Seems people are kind of torn about whether they like them or not. There will always be people that don’t like a product but the collage of that little girl sure shows that they seem to have helped her.

    1. I agree with you. Yes that are the testimonial of a little girl wearing Attipas. The wide and flexible feature has give her the comfort to walk.

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