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Attipas As The Best Baby shoes-Podiatrist Endorsed (with FAQ)

Podiatrist endorsed Attipass baby shoes

Your little bub is starting to walk! How exciting. The next questions will be: What baby shoes you should buy for them? When to buy shoes for baby? What is the size for my baby feet? Or maybe the shoes you got for them do not stay onto their feet? Or you are just want to find something cute?

Here is the answer for you: Choose Attipas as the prewalker shoes, endorsed by podiatrist, with superb cute designs.

What baby shoes are the best when they are learning to walk?

Do you know, it is recommended to let toddlers to be barefoot or wearing soft soled shoes, learning to walk. This can ensure their proper feet and muscles development. Restrictions such as hard sole or rigid structure for their little feet can have long term impact to them. Your little bub deserve healthy foot development. Read more about children feet and shoes here.

So, Attipas toddler shoes should be your first choice. Why?

After 7 years of research that based on kinetic and physiodynamic tests of toddlers walking, Attipas baby shoes were released in 2011. Why they are the best?

Baby shoes

They have the five key benefits that matches the suggestions by Better Health Channel:

1. Convenience

They are strong, smooth with non-Slip features, ideal for indoor and outdoor wear. They are also machine washable, with fast drying materials.


They have superior, breathable fine holes that release heat (International Patent); although some baby with sweaty feet is recommended to wear socks.

3. Big Toe Box

They allow free toe movement that is important in cognitive and motor development; and best for wider feet baby too.


They are made of non use of hazardous materials and adhesives, no use of formaldehyde

5.Lightweight & Flexible

They are super lightweight, that would not give extra weight to the little feet. They are also flexible, just like wearing socks, giving the comfort all the time.

And they are cute and colorful!

Attipas formal
Attipas Formal

Some FAQ

1. Are they waterproof?

No, they are not waterproof. The base of the shoes has breathable holes that makes them not waterproof. However, they are prefect for water park as the shoes have non-slip features.

2. Are they good for beach?

Yes, they protect the feet, with minimal sand goes into their shoes.

3. It is winter , will the feet getting cold?

You can always put the socks on for them for extra warmth.

4. It is summer, will the feet sweat?

Yes, even adults sweat. For sweaty feet, it would be recommended to take them off and air them regularly. Use baby powder and wash regularly.

5. When to buy shoes for baby?

Attipas baby shoes are great for prewalkers. They can be wearing Attipas since they start to stand and learn to walk, around 8 months. The sock-like shoes also provide the smooth transition for them from wearing socks to shoes.

6. How to wash them?

One of the best thing about Attipas shoes is that you can put them into a laundry bag and straight into washing machine (cold wash only). After some washing, wearing and rubbing, some piling might occurs. It will be the best through hand wash with air dry. For the rubber part, use toothpaste to remove the stains.

See what other mums say:

Erica: These shoes are a great first walker (and I believe will suit for a couple of years)! Bubs wouldn’t wear other shoes and is walking early at 9 months old. No issues getting these on, just like socks, and now he can walk outside wherever we are.

Denise: I admit I was a bit skeptical upon hearing this product. But since my 11 month old son, Hayden was starting to learn to cruise and I have yet to buy proper shoes for safety at his upcoming childcare arrangements, I decided to purchase 2 pairs of his current size to try. I was surprised at how well Hayden had taken to them and continued his business in crawling and cruising. They are easy to clean and maintain and the marine design is so adorable that it even caught my friends and relatives attention. I have already purchased 4 more pairs in bigger sizes because I have a feeling I will be using them often until I can find proper shoes for him to walk in when the time comes. Thank you, Attipas!

Check out other reviews and Attipas testimonial here.

What is size of the shoes? How to measure?

Toddlers shoes sizing chart

There are 6 size available, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. The approximate age range from 6 months to 4 years old. For general guide, Size 3.5 is small (6-12M); Size 4.5 is medium (12-18M); Size 5.5 is large (18-24M); Size 6.5 is XL (2+years); Size 8 is XXL (3+ years); Size 9 is XXXL (4+ years)


It is easy to measure for your baby’s feet using the Attipas sizing chart. Here is how:

  1. Lining up your child with the heel matching to the Attipas logo, standing up.
  2. Putting presure by gently press down the top of your child’s foot and toes. Make sure that the feet are flat on the surface.
  3. The first line that is above your child’s longest toe indicates the right size.
  4. Remember to measure both feet and choose the size that is larger.

Click here to download Attipas Sizing Chart


Attipas Awards and Press

Awards winning toddlers shoes

Attipas has been awarded with several medals: Favorite Children’s Fashion Label Awards, Design Awards Winner, Mom’s Choice Awards, Innovation Awards etc. Not only that, many magazines such as Practical Parenting, Pregnancy & Newborn, even 97.3FM and Channel 9 Today Extra have been introducing Attipas shoes. Not only that, the founder and CEO of Attipas, Caroline has been to Shark Tank in 2018!

But my baby feet grow fast!

Yes, we all know baby grows in a blink of the eyes. Good news for you: You can resell the Attipas shoes (with good condition and reduced price of course) to other bubs! If you are from Australia, you can join their Buy/Swap/Sell (Pre-loved) on Facebook. Sounds like a good deal!

Shop here today!

One more thing, if you are in love with Attipas shoes, you can be one of the Attipas consultants in Australia! By being an Attipas consultants, you can work from home, and sell the amazing products to your family and friends (extra income!). Find out more about becoming an Attipas consultant [here].






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10 thoughts on “Attipas As The Best Baby shoes-Podiatrist Endorsed (with FAQ)

  1. What a great idea! I wish I could have had these shoes for my babies when they were younger.
    Purchasing shoes for little walkers use to be such a bare. It was so hard to get their little feet in them and then wondering if it would be bad for their growing feet.

    These seem like a great alternative. I’m glad I found this article so I can pass this along to other mom’s.

    1. Thank you! It will be great you spread the love to other moms. I was also looking for baby shoes for my daughter and I found Attipas! Really love these cute shoes to max.

  2. Hi,

    Great article! It is going to be of great help to me in the future. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Not a problem! Please do share with your family and friends too

  3. Hiya and thanks for this really informative article, I am a big believer in getting children’s feet measured properly and, as you said above – letting their little toes have room to stretch, grow and breathe! I nearly lost my job in a high street shoe shop when I was younger because I recommended that the customer go to a better shoe shop for their baby’s first pair of shoes!

    1. Wow good on you Jo! You did what you believe is right. I hope more parents are aware of the long term impact of a pair of good vs not as good baby shoes.

  4. This is a great article. I have never heard of Attipas before, but can see why this is so much better for our little walkers. I am a new grandma and shared this with my daughter who was very impressed also. When my granddaughter gets old enough, I will have to purchase some from you. They are so cute, as well!

    1. Congratulation on your granddaughter! Yes they are super cute! Some parents say they are like clown shoes, but the big toe box is quite important for toddlers’ proper development. Hope to hear from you soon Susie

  5. Looking back, with 4 kids and 6 grand kids, these shoes would have been terrific.
    Knowing how to measure shoes for tiny feet is really important. Very good guide here.
    Kids are always getting their shoes dirty. Where I am, “muddy”. To be able to wash them would be a big plus for me. All in all a great product.

    1. You guys must be happy grandparents, with 4 kids and 6 grandkids. I agree with what you said! They are really a life saving product!

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