Choosing the Best supportive shoes- 3 Steps to test before you buy (with Pictures)

You may ask, why do you need a supportive footwear? You are happy with your flexible and cushioning shoes that you feel you are walking on the cloud. Yes, that is good for short distance walk. Imagine walking in muddy path or at the beach, the ground is not stable causing the muscles have to work harder to walk, hence tired and sore muscles. On the other hand, when we are walking on the solid floor, our body alignment might not be correct, or maybe we have flat feet, one leg is longer than the other (you never know), or tight calves muscles, painful feet such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and so on. Way to get better? Get a supportive footwear, and put orthotics in to change the ground that suit you.

These 3 golden rules are provided by James the podiatrist (Excel Podiatry Clinic Pty Ltd). Here I use two different pairs of shoes for demonstration. There is the easy three steps to check if the shoes are supportive.

Bending of the shoes

How to find a supportive footwear

Make sure the shoes is not bending where is not supposed to be, which is bending at the mid arch. The shoes should be bending only at where the toes are bending. Shoes that are too flexible might end up causing the pain in your foot.

Twisting of the shoes

Guide to buy supportive shoes

The shoes should be firm but not hard when you do the twisting motion of the shoes. Never get a flimsy shoes. A shoe that can be twisted easily is not a supportive footwear.

Heel counter testing

Supportive footwear comparison

It should be firm but ensure cushioning at the back of the heel. You can’t have it too hard as it might irritate your heel, such as high heels shoes. This is important because the stability comes from the rear part of the shoes.

Nice and easy,right? Remember these 3 golden rules and your feet will be happy all the time!

Orthotics fitting

If you are putting your orthotics in, you got to have a pair of stable shoes, so your orthotics can give the support and won’t move around. One tip is to bring your orthotics to put inside the shoes to try on for the perfect fit. Find out how orthotics can help your foot pain here.

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Here we recommend shoes that are recommended by Podiatrist. The fact is that everyone wears shoes, and not all of us know how to buy a good pair of shoes. Some branded shoes are designed for certain purpose. Those could be for fashion, softness, support,heavy-duty, school, work, sport, daily walking and so on. Different stages of life need different pairs of shoes, there are no one answer/way in choosing shoes for entire life. However, for kids, they need supportive footwear.

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