Best Sandals for flat feet- Birkenstock, Dr Comfort, Hush Puppies

We all wear sandals, right? But do we wear a good pair of sandals? You are wondering why you should wear an arch supported sandals, well, the answer is they can be helpful in relieving pain, providing comfort and support to your whole body alignment. Having said that, if you are not used to wear arches supported footwear and you are super flat feet, you might get a little discomfort to start with. And you need to wear it gradually that give your body to accommodate the new walking foundation.

For high arches feet, these arch support sandals are not high enough to reach to your arch. The sandals recommended here are for men, and also suitable for wider feet type. Let’s find out!


Birkenstock Unisex Sandals

Birkenstock has the highest quality made of cork and leather. It might be hard for some people, but as you walk, the shoe molds to your foot. That is the magic part. If you are a beach or water person, why not try this EVA Birkenstock that is waterproof, easy to clean and lightweight.

Birkenstock has two width, narrow and normal; with arch support. These made them a better pair of sandals for wider feet and flat feet. They have adjustable straps too, that is quite important when you have swollen feet.

Birkenstock has wide range of simple yet fashionable designs with colors to choose from. You will have difficulties to choose only one pair to put into your cart!

While some says it is better to buy from Birkenstock company, buying from Amazon can be cheaper.

Dr Comfort

Dr Comfort Men Sandals


Dr Comfort is a medical graded footwear, that helps correct posture, alleviate foot pain, back pain, shin splints and aching legs. They are more cushioning than Birkenstock and with arch support. These are suitable to wear at home day to day basics. They fit a moderately wide foot. The Velcro strap is adjustable easily.

You will love the comfort and support from Dr Comfort, and if you have heel pain, this can help to relieve your pain too (Review from Amazon customers).

Get them from $59.99 today!

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies Men Sandals

Are you more of an outdoor person? Can’t wear running shoes all the time? Why not try this sporty leather sandal featuring adjustable straps and mesh inserts? Although it might not have good arch support, it provides the width, cushion and comfort fit with Velcro straps. Get them from $78.99 on Amazon.

Don’t wait, feel the comfort today

Never try, never know! If you are flat feet person, and have some pain or tired feet after long day of walking, you should give these a try. If you are more of a thong person, and/or women, here is where you can find the great thongs.

Happy Shopping with Amazon today!





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2 thoughts on “Best Sandals for flat feet- Birkenstock, Dr Comfort, Hush Puppies

  1. I have flat feet and finding good sandals can be a real challenge. I know that cork and leather are sturdy and quality materials but I wonder how long these last. And you said that it is narrow. I have bulky feet and would that be a problem for these sandals?

    1. With cork and leather, as long as you stay away from water then it will be fine. I had my Birkenstock for three years and still wearing them! Those shoes come with adjustable straps, so they will fit wide feet perfectly. Have you tried any of them before? 

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